Gualle SpA supports different initiatives tending to promote or develop outdoor activities such us:


Spondylus is a company borne out of its partners’ willingness to share their experiences, love for the outdoors and respect for local cultures and the environment, with the profound conviction that one loves what one knows. Through our services we aspire to pass on this knowledge, which is basic to establish a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment.

Each one of us has worked on average more than 10 years as tourist or mountain guides in South America, mainly in the far South which means Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and also Antarctica.

Sebastián Tirado Krügger

Outstanding national photographer, with a vast career dedicate to the photography of nature in Chile, where his work of mammals, reptiles, landscapes and especially birds, from which stand out his reports of Chilean hummingbirds and raptors, as well as his incredible insect macros of our country.

Club Magma 10

Sports Club from Pucon, a city in the south of Chile where the 1st Jack Wolfskin store in America, among its activities are the development of various sports activities: Triathlon, Marathon, Swimming, Mountain Bike, Trail Running, and much more.

Triatlon Colico

Chosen as one of the best races in Chile, it is characterized by the natural environment where the families are protagonists. It takes place in a unique spot in the Araucania, the Lake Colico, a beautiful lake immersed in the Andes mountain range, known for its warm and crystalline waters, its native forests that reach the lake itself. The race with a  “Olympic Distance”, 1,500 mt of swimming in the Lake, 40 km of bicycle in the route that joins the lake with the town of Cunco, to finish in 10 km of trot by the “Interlagos” Route that runs along the edge of this lake.

Kauripaxa: 10 al 13 de Febre 2018

“The Route of Kauripaxa is an unprecedented project that invites us to follow the steps of the El Plomo child” – Inca child brought from Cusco and left at the top of the mountain at 5400 MSNM to protect the valley of Santiago – Se It is about an unprecedented event in the country, where indigenous priests representing the original cultural groups of the region accompany the effort of  the people participating in the crown of the summit, to “commemorate the more than 500 years of the Inca offering.”